Refund Policy



This policy is developed to provide guidelines and outline circumstances where payments made to the school can be refunded to parents/guardians.




Types of payments for which refunds might apply;


School Councils are able to request payments or contributions for education items and services from parents and guardians for students in Victorian government schools in the following three categories:

  • Essential Education Items
  • Optional Education Items
  • Voluntary Financial Contributions.


All administrative and financial processes are compliant with Department of Education and Training (DET) requirements, including CASES 21 financial reporting.


Essential education items

These are items, activities or services that are essential to support student learning of the standard curriculum. These are items that the school considers essential for all students and which students take possession of. Parents may choose to provide the items themselves or buy the items from the school where practical and appropriate.


These items can include:

  • materials that the student takes possession of, including text books and student stationery;
  • materials for learning and teaching where the student consumes or takes possession of the finished articles (e.g. cooking, ceramics, photography, visual arts);
  • transport and entrance for camps and excursions which all students are expected to attend.


Optional education items

These can also be referred to as non-essential materials and services. These items are those that are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program, and which are offered to all students. These optional extras are provided on a user-pays basis and if parents choose to access them for students, they will be required to pay for each item.


These items can include:

  • extra-curricular programs or activities e.g. instrumental music, dance classes
  • school-based performances, productions and events
  • excursions and incursions
  • additional school items such as student/ class photographs.


Voluntary financial contributions

Are those items and services under which parents are invited to make a donation to the School, for example for grounds maintenance or building trust.



School activities such as (but not limited to) incursions, excursions, camps and purchases must be paid for prior to the event, and be accompanied by a signed parent authority where appropriate.

Refunds are all subject to the discretion of the Principal on a case by case basis, and usually follow the guidelines below.


Essential education items

Refunds are not available for payments made for essential education items that are retained by the student. This includes;

text books and student stationary

School uniform purchases


Refunds may be available for payments made for essential education items that include;

School uniform purchases in original new condition.


Camps, excursions and incursions

Refunds are not available where payment for transport and entrance fees (etc) is a flat charge split across the number of students expected to attend.

Refunds are not available when the school will be out of pocket

Refunds may be available when the school receives a credit from a third party provider involved in the camp or excursion.


Optional education items

As these are usually charged on a user-pays basis, refunds may be available for payments made for optional education items. The following criteria must be satisfied;

The student has not participated in the service, or received the item that has been paid for.

The school in turn receives a credit for payments where a third party is involved (eg. Instrumental teacher or admittance fees and charges)

The school is not out of pocket for any expenses


Voluntary financial contributions

All refunds of voluntary financial contributions are subject to the discretion of the Principal on a case by case basis, and usually follow the guidelines below.


Refunds can be provided on a pro-rata basis if a student ceases to be enrolled at Glen Waverley Primary School. A written request for refund should be directed to The Principal, Glen Waverley Primary School, PO Box 6, Glen Waverley 3150 or



Parents Payments Policy



This policy will be reviewed annually.


This policy was last ratified by School Council on: 15 February 2021