Glen Waverley South Primary School's Strategic Plan

For a copy of our School's Strategic Plan please click on the attachment below. 

Glen-Waverley-South-Primary-School-5436-2020-2023-School-Strategic-Plan.docx Glen-Waverley-South-Primary-School-5436-2020-2023-School-Strategic-Plan.docx (113kB)

2021 Annual Implementation Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan describes what the school is doing each year to work towards the goals set out in the Strategic Plan.

For a copy of our school's Annual Implementation Plan, please click on the link below.

Glen-Waverley-South-Primary-School-5436-2021-AIP-Overall-4.docx Glen-Waverley-South-Primary-School-5436-2021-AIP-Overall-4.docx (188kB)

2021 Annual Report

For a copy of our school's 2021 Annual Report, please click on the link below.

2021-Annual-Report.pdf 2021-Annual-Report.pdf (223kB)