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About the New Build

New Build

In 2021, Glen Waverley South Primary School was awarded a $9,460,000 Department of Education building grant to create state-of-the-art learning spaces and resources for our learners to develop and thrive. 

Our new school will feature two main learning and teaching wings with:

  • Purpose-built Administration and Specialist buildings including conference rooms
  • Learning Centre, housing 8 flexible learning spaces, including breakout areas, and small-group learning rooms
  • Welcoming community hub
  • Modern and fully equipped STEAM learning space and Food Technology space
  • Performing Arts space 
  • Spacious Library 
  • Connection to outdoor learning and breakout spaces

How will these improvements benefit our students?

The new build will improve student outcomes on many levels, including student academic performance, student wellbeing, and students’ social and emotional development.


It is becoming more widely recognised that students’ learning outcomes are strongly influenced by their learning environments. Clever design of flexible learning and breakout spaces caters for a range of learning opportunities, from whole class, to collaborative and independent learning. Purpose-built specialist spaces will impact student achievement positively.


Student wellbeing will be enhanced by new facilities at Glen Waverley South Primary School. Purpose-built learning, breakout and specialist spaces, modern bathroom facilities, a fully equipped first-aid facility, modern administration area and a fresh, modern look, will contribute to even further improving the culture and wellbeing of the school, students and staff.

Social and Emotional

Our new facilities will also create a new sense of pride, as students, staff and community interact and connect with the school.