JSC & Student Leadership

JSC & Student Leadership


Junior School Council is a group of student selected representatives from Foundation to Year 6 who meet weekly on behalf of the whole student body. These students plan for events and activities that raise money and awareness for both our school and charities, as well as activities that promote school connectedness. Students develop their leadership skills by planning and running these events and communicating them to the rest of the school community.

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities are promoted for students throughout the school at every level including Junior School Council and class monitor roles. Selected students from Level 6 hold leadership roles in the form of: School captains, Vice captains, House captains, Creative Arts captains, Japanese captains, Enviro captains, ICT captains and Library captains. Captains are not only role models within the school but they hold a number of responsibilities including organising and running activities and events, running assembly and working toward achieving goals that they have set.

Safety Club

The KIDS Foundation is a non-profit, health promotion charity that delivers safety education programs such as the Safety Club.

The Safety Club is a primary school education and leadership program, which aims to guide and support school communities on issues of child safety and injury prevention. The aim of the program is to reduce injuries at school and to raise safety awareness within the school community.

At Glen Waverley South, the 8 Level 3/4 members and coordinators meet regularly to plan campaigns. These campaigns are promoted through our school assembly, parent newsletter and the Safety Club bulletin board.