School Tours

Our scheduled school tours depart from the school office and run for approximately 30 minutes.

To book a school tour please click on the following link:

2021 School Tour

2022 School Tour

In the interim, we welcome you to enjoy watching our Virtual School Tour video, which can be found through the 'About' tab on our website. You may also contact our office with any queries you may have and to book a time to speak with our leadership team regarding curriculum and / or enrolment. phone (03) 9560 6371.



School Tour Dates 2021

Term 1, 2021

Wednesday 24th February - 9.30am

Wednesday 24th March - 9.30am

Term 2, 2021

Wednesday 28th April- 9.30am

Wednesday 26th May - 9.30am

Wednesday 23rd June - 9.30am

Term 3, 2021

Wednesday 28th July - 9.30am

Wednesday 25th August - 9.30am

Wednesday 15th September - 9.30am

Term 4, 2021

Wednesday 27th October - 9.30am

Wednesday 17th November - 9.30am

Wednesday 8th December - 9.30am

School Tour Dates 2022

Term 1, 2022

Wednesday 23rd February - 9.30am

Wednesday 30th March - 9.30am

Term 2, 2022

Wednesday 27th April- 9.30am

Wednesday 25th May - 9.30am

Wednesday 22nd June - 9.30am

Term 3, 2022

Wednesday 27th July - 9.30am

Wednesday 24th August - 9.30am

Wednesday 14th September - 9.30am

Term 4, 2022

Wednesday 26th October - 9.30am

Wednesday 16th November - 9.30am

Wednesday 7th December - 9.30am