Purchasing Card Policy


School purchasing cards impact on the School Council, as they are another means of acquiring goods and services for the school. It should ensure “best practice‟ conditions are in place to ensure financial accountability and optimum internal control.


Purchasing card usage is an enhancement to current methods of purchasing.  Purchasing cards assist with flexibility, are time saving and more convenient in relation to school purchases in certain situations.


• Glen Waverley South Primary School Council authorises:

Con Vellios  Principal  Limit $3,000.00
Julia Rankine Assistant Principal Limit  $3,000.00
Lisa McLellan Business Manager Limit $1,000.00
Karen Borsato OSHC Coordinator Limit $3,000.00

to use Westpac Credit Cards (Purchasing Cards) to purchase goods and services for the school.

• Names of card holders, their details and changes must be minuted at School Council.
• The maximum monthly combined credit limit of all Purchasing cards for Glen Waverley South Primary School is $10,000.00.
• Card holders must complete an “Undertaking by the Card Holder” agreement which lists the conditions of the use of the purchasing card. 
• The card holder must obtain sufficient supporting documentation – receipts/tax invoices in relation to each card transaction showing sufficient descriptive detail of the purchase.  A school order form must be completed and be reconciled against dockets produced by purchaser.
• This documentation must be handed to the Business Manager for processing as early as possible after the transaction occurs.
• Purchasing card payments cannot be made to creditors who do not have an ABN or those with a Voluntary Withholding status.
• Purchasing card statements must be reconciled prior to the due date and the Business Manager must ensure that enough funds are available in the Official Account prior to the day of the bank sweep.
• A card statement is issued at the start of each month for the previous month and accounts will be swept on the 15th day of each month.
• Cardholders must report lost or stolen cards to the issuing bank immediately and notify the School Business Manager no later than the next working day.
• A Purchasing Cardholder register must be kept listing cardholder details.


This policy will be reviewed annually.



This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  15/02/16.