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Junior School Council


It is important that all students at Glen Waverley South Primary School have opportunities for leadership across all year levels. Students have the opportunity to form part of the Junior School Council each year to represent their peers.


To outline the process of applying for and selecting students who make up the Junior School Council each year.


  • Each Foundation to Level 2 class (or composite classes) elects 1 Junior School Council (JSC) representative per class.
  • Each Level 3 to Level 6 class (or composite classes) elects 2 JSC representatives per class.
  • A student can not be elected 2 or more years in a row and can only be elected once in Junior School (Levels F-2) and once in senior school (Levels 3-6).
  • At the beginning of Term 1, the JSC coordinator will email all staff to begin the process of electing class representatives
  • Staff will be required to check which students in their class have been members of the JSC the past year
  • Students must be given time to nominate themselves for the position and be given time to prepare a short speech for their application
  • Students will give their speech in front of the rest of their class
  • The class then has a confidential vote to select who their JSC representative will be, the student with the most votes will be elected
  • The students should not be notified of their position until the JSC coordinator has approved the student (making sure to cross check with previous years members)
  • It is the class teacher’s responsibility to inform students of the above process, and to ensure students know if they are eligible for the JSC representative role.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  27/07/2021