ICT Policy


Cybersafety is an important issue for young children. By the time young children arrive at school many are already online or using digital technologies. They visit their favourite websites, play games and use social media or apps such as ABCkids or Club Penguin.
Glen Waverley South Primary School recognises the need for students to be safe and responsible users of digital technology. We believe that explicitly teaching students about safe and responsible online behaviours is essential, and is best taught in partnership with parents and guardians. We request that parents and guardians work with us and encourage this behaviour at home.


We provide and exemplary learning and teaching program that facilitates:
• Achievement of academic, social, emotional and physical potential;
• A learning environment where students are highly engaged and motivated;
• Inclusive, innovative and challenging curriculum; and
• Curriculum design which caters for individual learning needs.

Our learning environment:
• Equips students with skills and knowledge to cope successfully beyond primary school in an ever-changing world;
• Provides equal opportunities and values diversity;
• Develops knowledge and values; and
• Is positive, safe, supportive & cooperative.


At Glen Waverley South Primary School we:
• support the rights of all members of the school community to engage in and promote a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment
• educate our students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies
• raise our students’ awareness of issues such as online privacy and intellectual property including copyright
• supervise students when using digital technologies for educational purposes
• provide a filtered internet service but acknowledge that full protection from inappropriate content can never be guaranteed
• respond to issues or incidents that have the potential to impact on the wellbeing of our students
• know that some online activities are illegal and as such we are required to report this to the police
• support parents/guardians to understand the importance of safe and responsible use of digital technologies, the potential issues that surround their use and strategies, such as Family Usage Agreements, that they can implement at home to support their child
• provide parents/guardians with a copy of this agreement.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle, and at times when our emergency management procedures are under review.



This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  24/02/14.