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Graduation Policy


It is important to acknowledge our students graduating from primary school and to this effect hold an official celebration for Year 6 students in the form of a Graduation Evening.


To organise the GWSPS Graduation Evening for Year 6 students, comprising of a ceremony, dinner and disco.


  • The budget is set by school council each year and takes into consideration the number of attendees.
  • The Graduation Committee is established during Term 3 and is made up of interested Year 6 parents. All parents who express an interest to help are to be included in the preparations.
  • The venue is to be approved by the School Council.
  • During the ceremony, students are presented to the School Principal and the School Council President by their teachers. The formal ceremony consists of speeches from the Principal, School Council President and School Captains.
  • Graduating students sing an appropriate song approved by School Council.  Any Year 6 student may accompany the graduation song with musical instrument. No other items to be included.
  • Parents may take photographs during the ceremony.
  • After the ceremony, guests leave.  The Graduation Committee and requested helpers remain on duty throughout the evening for the dinner and disco.
  • The disco will conclude by 10.00pm.
  • Dinner is formal with crockery, cutlery, glasses and tablecloths. The Graduation Committee may wish to use disposable crockery/glasses.
  • Dress code is smart casual for all students. No backless or strapless dresses.  No high heels. No makeup other than lip gloss. Students will be asked to remove makeup, before they will be permitted to attend the ceremony, dinner or disco.
  • The certificate to be used will be approved by the Graduation Coordinator.  The invitations and program should match.
  • There will be an official GWSPS Graduation memento as agreed upon by the committee.
  • Students will have the opportunity to purchase a graduation souvenir such as a stuffed bear or ball.  These are able to be signed in the last week of the school year.
  • Invitees to the ceremony will be the School Principal, the Assistant Principal, the School Council President, Level 5/6 Teachers and Integration Aides and the Specialist Teachers (e.g. P.E. Performing Arts, LOTE). Other staff may request to attend or be invited to attend the ceremony.
  • The Graduation Committee will be responsible for implementing this policy. All communication is to go through the Graduation Coordinator before being published.
  • Menu, decorations, entertainment and ordering of certificates, invitations, programs and mementos will be the responsibility of the Graduation Committee and must fall within the set budget.
  • There will be a set menu for all students consisting of food such as pizza, chicken, chips and salad. Dessert to be decided by the Graduation Committee.  Special dietary requirements will be catered for.
  • A DVD will be created by the Level 5/6 teachers and will be part of the ceremony.
  • Students may bring T-shirts or dresses to be signed on the last day of the school year but not worn on the day.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  27/07/2021.