First Aid Policy


Glen Waverley South Primary School is committed to the health and wellbeing of all our students.  We endeavour to ensure that all students are healthy and safe whilst at school and that incidents and health issues of individuals are addressed appropriately.  We wish to provide accurate and ongoing monitoring of individual children’s health and safety and to create an awareness of procedures to be followed to meet the needs of all individuals.


• To gain an awareness of individual’s medical needs and how to best treat them.
• To improve communication between home and school regarding medical issues and ways to best address the needs of individuals.
• To maintain consistency when implementing first aid to students.
• To ensure staff are aware of procedures and follow them accordingly.
• To provide appropriate training to staff in the use of specialised equipment as needed (e.g. Epipen).
• To provide consistent records and accurate recording of all incidents/accidents within the school for the CASES21 registry.
• To meet DET requirements.


• Glen Waverley South Primary School will ensure that the First aid room houses:
• a current register of children with a medical condition and a plan of action as advised by the parent/guardian should this condition cause discomfort for the child;
• a current register of medication dose and administration regime as advised by the parent/guardian of children with a medical condition (either chronic or acute);
• a current list of contact details of all children in the school.
• Children who are injured or sick in the yard need to approach a yard duty teacher.
• The yard duty teacher will determine the seriousness of the injury or illness and send the child to the first aid room, notifying the first aid staff on duty via a walkie talkie.
• The first aid staff member will determine the appropriate course of action, including emergency medical assistance if required.
• The first aid staff member will check the child’s medical form for allergies and other treatment advice.
• The first aid staff member (during recess or lunch) will inform the office staff if a child is to remain in the first aid room after recess/lunchtime.  The office staff will endeavour to inform the class teacher that the student is in the first aid room. 
• In the event of a student requiring medical attention, an attempt will be made to contact the parents/guardians before calling for medical attention except in an extreme emergency.
• In serious cases, parents/guardians will always be informed as quickly as possible of their child’s condition and of the actions taken by the school.
• It is the policy of the school that parents/guardians are contacted regarding all head, face, neck or back injuries.
• The administration staff will attend to any child who is ill or injured during class time.
• The staff member on first aid duty during recess and lunch times, will be notified by walkie talkie of the name of any child being sent to the first aid room.
• The staff member on first aid duty will record the nature of the issue/injury for every students who attends the first aid room.  This information is recorded in the Sick Bay Register/Book.  The original of this record is sent home via kid’s mail and the duplicate remains in the register/book in the first aid room.
• The staff member on first aid duty will ensure any serious incidents/accidents are recorded onto a CASES21 Incident Notification Form.  This form is then handed to the Assistant Principal for signature and then to the office staff to be entered onto the CASES21 system.
• The school will maintain a minimum number of staff qualified in first aid training as per DET guidelines.   

First Aid Officer
Consistent with the Department’s First Aid Policy and Procedures, the school will allocate staff member/s as First Aid Officer/s. The names and details of First Aid Officers, including their level of first aid training and first aid training expiry dates, will be provided as soon as they are known.  The First Aid Officer/s is required to undertake a coordinating role maintaining standard medical service provision, student medical records and parent notifications.

Their specific duties include:
• Participating in the risk management process within the school as part of the school’s OHS team.  This may include contributing to risk management solutions and providing feedback on injury reports and first aid register data to identify persistent or serious hazards.
• Providing first aid emergency awareness training for staff including emergency notification processes, a list of responsible officers and provision of emergency phone numbers.
• Coordinating first aid duty rosters and maintaining first aid room and first aid kits
• Providing first aid services commensurate with competency and training.  This may include all or some of emergency life support including response to life threatening conditions which may occur in the school (e.g. cardiac arrest or respiratory difficulties associated with asthma), management of severe bleeding, basic wound care, fractures, soft tissue injury.
• Recording all first aid treatment.  A copy of treatment provided shall be forwarded with the patient. The first aider should respect the confidential nature of any information given.
• Providing input on first aid requirements for excursions and camps.
• The First Aid Officer/s will be available at the school during normal working hours and at other times when authorised Department programs are being conducted. 
• Where possible, only staff with first aid qualifications will provide first aid.  However, in an emergency other staff may be required to help within their level of competency. 
• Consistent with the Department’s First Aid Policy and Procedures the school will maintain First Aid Kits. First aid kits will be available for all groups that leave the school on excursions. The content of these kits will be dependent on the nature of the activities, the number of students and staff, and the location of the excursion. Portable first aid kits (yard duty bags) will be available for staff on yard duty. 
• The First aid Officer/s, in consultation with the parent/guardian, should ensure an individual medical management plan is determined for children with specific medical needs (e.g. Anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, ADD, severe allergies, etc.) and that all staff are made aware of the plan that is in place.

Any medication kept at school for administration during school hours will be stored in the first aid room for access by staff only.  A completed and signed Medication Authority Form (including instructions for dosage, time, etc.) must be provided by the parent/guardian and will be stored in the first aid room with the medication. Children will not be responsible for their own medication (except for asthma medication). See Medication policy.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Poisons Information Service 13 11 26  Ambulance 000


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This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.


This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  15/02/2016.