‘The Resilience Project’ runs programs in schools around Australia. The aim of these programs is to develop students’ resilience and improve their mental health. Hugh van Cuylenburg is the founding director. There are 2 programs available for schools to choose from: Partnership Program and Immersion Program.

In 2019 we introduced the ‘Immersion’ program which included a professional development session for staff, student presentations and a parent night which provided strategies for parents to support the development of a resilient child at home.

We have now introduced the ‘Partnership’ program. This means we have been using the Teacher resource books and student journals to teach The Resilience Project curriculum which is closely aligned to the personal and social capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum. The ‘Partnership’ program has the same benefits as the ‘Immersion’ program and also includes:

  • The Resilient Youth Survey for Years 3-6 students
  • A Resilience Profile Workshop for staff which focuses on the school’s survey data and how it relates to The Resilience Project curriculum
  • A personal student journal containing The Resilience Project Curriculum
  • A Teacher Resource and access to additional resources via The Resilience Project resource hub
  • Ongoing support in regard to program delivery and evaluation
  • Additional lessons and curriculum support on current world events that explore resilience and mental health.

As we are a Partnership school, we will continue to follow the program via their curriculum as well as run some teacher and student sessions.

Please see the link to the program:


This is a video made by The Resilience Project, highlighting the experience of teachers, students and parents in a local Melbourne primary school who have implemented the program.
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