Google Classroom

This year we have successfully implemented the use of Google Classroom in Levels 5 & 6.

Google Classroom makes it easy for students and teachers to connect—inside and outside of school. It is an efficient and easy means for teachers to distribute homework and class work, as well as communicate with students. Students are able to access tasks set by the teacher and respond to questions and comments from their peers in discussions. They are able to access Google Drive and other useful Google apps to help them to create, organise and share their learning.

Each student is signed up to a Google email address from the school’s Google Suite. For privacy reasons, students do not have access to their email accounts, and therefore cannot send or receive any emails. We have also applied access restrictions to other Google apps which are not relevant to school.

Students can login to their accounts with their email address and password at  


Click here to read more information about Google Classroom.