Assessment & Reporting Policy


• Accurate and comprehensive assessment of student performance against Nation-wide standards aids in establishing  targeted teaching, open communication, guides student learning, assists in establishing future directions, and helps to identify areas of exemplary performance, as well as those areas in need of support and assistance.


• To assess school and student performance accurately and comprehensively against Nation- wide standards.
• To improve student learning by accurately determining current performance as well as areas of future need and development.
• To assist teachers in planning to the point of need and differentiating the curriculum for student learning.


• Schools are responsible for accurately assessing student achievement against achievement standards detailed within the Australian Curriculum.
• Assessment requires a mix of summative assessment of learning to determine and report what the student has learned, formative assessment to guide future learning, and ongoing assessment to focus teacher feedback alongside student self-assessment and reflection.  Fundamentally, assessment will be used to guide future lessons and learning, rather than simply a prelude to reporting achievement.
• The school will provide a whole-school assessment schedule for teachers which include a variety of assessment strategies, including online and On Demand assessment tools, providing multiple sources of information about student achievement.   These include tests and assignments, projects, portfolios, performance observations, discussions and involvement in national standardised testing processes such as NAPLAN and school entry assessment tests.
• The school will develop a manageable tracking tool that will provide a rich mixture of observations, results and reflections.
• Teachers will use the data they collect to make judgements about, and report on, student achievement in the Australian Curriculum, and to plan their teaching to students’ point of need.
• Staff will participate in moderation professional development involving analysis of formalised assessment, assessment maps and annotated work samples so that staff can apply consistent judgements of student progress against achievement standards across the school.
• Our school will progressively develop individual learning improvement plans for all students in consultation with students, parents and where appropriate, with others with specific expertise.
• Self-assessments/reflections by students against individual learning goals will be a feature of our assessment regime.
• Item analysis of NAPLAN results will focus on both individual and cohort future learning.
• The school will assess the achievements of students with disabilities in the context of the Australian Curriculum. Program support groups will help develop individual student profiles containing learning goals for each student supported by ABLES.  Progress towards learning goals will be assessed and reported by the program support group.
• Students for whom English is an additional language will have their progress in English reported against the EAL achievement standards as detailed in the Australian Curriculum


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  09/09/13.