Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Victorian Curriculum Arts includes five disciplines: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts. Each Arts discipline in the Victorian Curriculum has content descriptions and achievement standards, focusing on its own practices, terminology and unique ways of looking at the world.

The Victorian Curriculum Arts is based on two overarching principles, students learn:

  • as an artist and as an audience
  • through making and responding.


At Glen Waverley South Primary, teaching and learning in The Arts allows students to extend their learning and apply the curriculum explored and integrated, to create, communicate and express ideas.

The Performing Arts curriculum aims to develop students’:

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem; to be creative, intelligent and innovative, to demonstrate body awareness, technical and expressive skills and to explore, depict and celebrate human experience, take risks and challenge their own creativity.
  • Performance Skills, Knowledge and Understanding; to apply, analyse the elements, processes, styles and techniques, choreograph, listen, improvise, compose and respond with intent and purpose to engage audiences and create meaning.
  • Aesthetic and Artistic knowledge for Arts Practices; across global communities, cultures and traditions; enjoyment and achievement, understanding inter-arts relationship, historical contexts and respect through exploring and playing roles, imagining situations, actions and ideas for arts practices.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of The Arts as an aural art form; its relationship with other arts forms. Its traditional and contemporary contexts and contributions to cultures and societies as critical and active participants and audiences.