Outdoor Education and Camps Policy


The school’s camping program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting.  Camps may have a cultural, environmental or outdoor emphasis and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at Glen Waverley South Primary School.


• To provide all children with the opportunity to participate in a sequential camping program.
• To provide shared class experiences and a sense of group cohesiveness.
• To reinforce and extend classroom learning.
• To provide a program that delivers skills and knowledge that may lead to a lifelong involvement in worthwhile leisure pursuits.
• To provide a program that promotes self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, judgement, cooperation and tolerance.


• Parents will be notified of the exact costs and other relevant details of individual camps as soon as practicable, via the camp permission form.
• The school will conduct a sequential outdoor education program from Foundation to Year 6 and all students will be given the opportunity to participate.
• All families will be given sufficient time to make payments for individual camps.  Children whose parents have not paid deposits by the due date or who do not make full payment by the due date, and who have not made alternative arrangements with the Business Manager or Principal, will not be eligible to attend.
• A portion of the cost of each camp will be non-refundable.  This will be clearly stated on the permission form.
• Where a child is withdrawn from the camp program prior to its commencement, any reimbursement of camp fees will be made only if notification of non-attendance is made by the family, in writing by the date determined by the camp organisers and the school. This date will be included in information sent to parents. Reimbursement after this date will be at the discretion of the Business Manager in consultation with the Principal.
• Costs for staff replacement will be included in the camp costs.
• All camp travel will be in buses fitted with seatbelts.
• Parents will be requested to collect their child from camp if their child exhibits behaviour that is considered unacceptable or they become unwell. The teacher in charge will make this decision and the cost incurred will be the responsibility of the parent. All parents will be required to agree to this by signing a statement prior to the camp.
• The decision to exclude a student because of unsatisfactory behaviour or a risk to his/her or others' safety will be made by the Principal in consultation with the teacher in charge.
• Students with disabilities and impairments may require additional assistance and every endeavour will be made to facilitate their involvement.
• Parents may be invited to assist in the supervision of school camps.  These parents will be required to complete all paperwork required by the school.  Any parent who applies to assist with a camp must provide a copy of their current Working With Children check, prior to being selected.  When deciding which parents will attend, the teacher in charge will take into account:
• any valuable skills the parents have to offer. e.g. bus licence, first aid etc.
• gender balance of adults.
• prior attendance at school camps - opportunity should be given to all parents.

• School Council approval is required a minimum of 1 month prior to camp. As required by  DEECD, the documentation provided to School Council must include:
• the purpose of the camp and its connection to student learning.
• a list of all staff members attending.
• a minimum of 1 staff member trained to level 2 first aid or above.
• verification that all adults attending camp have a current Working with Children Check.
• full details of the camp including itinerary, emergency plans, risk management, camp contact details, camp location map.
• bus details.

Further details for School Council will be held at the office, including:
• a record of the names and family contacts for all students and staff.
• copies of the parental consent and confidential medical advice forms for those students on the excursion.

The nominated teacher in charge should:
• know the exact location of students at all times including during travel.
• maintain a record of telephone contacts for the supervising staff.
• know who the school contact person is and their phone number.
• have a copy of the names of family contacts for all students and staff on camp.
• have copies of the parental approval and medical advice forms for students on camp.
• maintain a copy of the completed approval pro-forma including all attachments submitted to the school council.
• have submitted a notification of school activity using the Student Activity Locator online form three weeks prior to the camp.

The Camping Program may include:
• Foundation - extended day at school.
• Year 1 and 2 - extended day at school and may include an outing, an early tea and/or a sleepover.
• Year 3 and 4 - three day camp alternating between bush and beach environment each year.
• Year 5 and 6 - five day bike riding and team building camp experience.


This policy will be reviewed at the conclusion of the school camps program each year and as part of the school’s three-year review cycle and at other times as required.

This policy was last ratified by School Council on:  25/08/14.