Subway and Special Food Orders

We are continuing our fortnightly Subway student lunches for the remainder of 2019! Subway donates $1.00 from each order towards GWSPS. Pre-printed subway envelopes are available at the office for students to collect (all orders must be placed using these envelopes only).

We have changed Subway stores. Please do not take late orders to Subway.

Late orders will be kept in the office and sent to Subway in the next fortnight.

The last Thursday of each term, instead of Subway, the Community Fundraising Committee will be holding a Special Food Day for the students. All SUBWAY and SPECIAL FOOD DAY (SFD) dates are listed below.

Step 1: Collect a Subway envelope from the office.

Step 2: Complete the front of the envelope (1 envelope per child).

Step 3: Put the correct money into the envelope (no change will be given).

Step 4: Return the envelope to school before 9am on the Tuesday.

Step 5: Subway lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.

Term 3

Subway Orders Due – TUESDAYS before 9am

Subway Lunch Date - THURSDAYS

Tuesday 23rd July

Thursday 25th July

Tuesday 6th August

Thursday 8th August

Tuesday 20th August

Thursday 22nd August

Tuesday 3rd September

Thursday 5th September

Monday 16th September - SFD order

Thursday 19th September - SFD lunch


Term 4

Subway Orders Due – TUESDAYS before 9am

Subway Lunch Date - THURSDAYS

Tuesday 15th October

Thursday 17th October

Tuesday 29th October

Thursday 31st October

Tuesday 12th November

Thursday 14th November

Tuesday 26th November

Thursday 28th November

Monday 9th December - SFD order

Thursday 12th December - SFD lunch